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Do you have G2 or full G? If not, I Recommend Mary's Driving School, It's located in downtown Kiter near bus terminal. I heard about this driving School through my friend. We took G2 together, actually I hate driving; however, when I started practicing driving with Mary, I loved Driving. She uses only one finger to shoe me how to drive professionally, she is a patient lady. For instance, Parking is very difficult for me and I could not get in the right spot at that time. So she showed me how, with good explanation. Therefore, if you want to get your G2 or full G with professionals take Mary’s Driving school. It saves your time and makes your life easier!! 

Thank your Mary - Leane.

I found out about the Marys Driving School by a friend. My Friend told me that Mary Driving School was fun. She told me that Mary had many stories to tell me about how people make mistakes and how I can avoid them. So, then I decided to take this course and let me tell you that it was a great experience, I learn many things and was told many funny stories, I love it so much that I would come back to do it anytime. 

Thank you Mary - Kendra Bunnet, Kiter


As a new person in Kiter-waterloo area and new to Canada. I needed to do my DL. So I asked around for some good driving classes & asked many people& they told me about Mary .So I went ahead & found this Mary, who was supposed to be an awesome teacher. And I find her in downtown Kiter and today i am at end of this course. I am going to definitely recommend mary to everyone who wants to know with me.  She is full of energy & very ENTHUSISASTIC about what she does. Her classes are full of interaction & very active. I am going to recommend Mary to everyone who want to learn how to drive perfectly and want to pass the DL test first time. 

Thank you Mary - Kavary, Waterloo

I would recommend Marys Driving School to those who are just beginning to drive. You would think driving school would be worse than school, but at Marys it was nothing compared to school. Sure the classes are extremely long but Mary makes the classes fun and enjoyable and at the same time you are learning! Along with her great Sense of humor. She has crazy stories to tell you about. Mary is patient and a good teacher in and outside of the car. At the end of each lesson, she'll let you know what you need to improve on and what you are doing well. Overall she is a wonderful teacher. 

Thank you Mary - Edith, Kiter

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